Social Responsibility & Ethics / CSR Strategy & Projects Consultancy

CSR Strategy & Projects


The potential business benefits derived from the implementation CSR practices are following; acting like a good citizen, building a stong relationship with the stakeholders, gaining sustanability in the marketplace and building a strong image. Consequently, business integrates people, community, and environment into corporate decision making. SOM helps its clients to build, analyze and develop CSR strategies. SOM aims to increase their client’s profitability by helping them to integrate their CSR practices into their core values.

Based on the building CSR strategies into the firm SOM gives following services:

• CSR performance measurement: How are the companies aware that CSR practices influence their business strategy?

• Feedback on the CSR practices: How are the exisiting CSR practices efficient?

• Stakeholder Analysis: How the companies can identify people, groups and institutions that influence them?