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EU 7th Framework Programme: "Science in Society"

“Science and technology have acquired a pivotal role in modern knowledge societies. They underpin almost every aspect of our lives. Since the Enlightenment, the pursuit of knowledge has become consistent and systematic. The belief in the benign nature of science has made the quest for knowledge for its own sake seem desirable. But with the growing scarcity of natural resources, pollution, nuclear proliferation, environmental degradation, food scares, and more, we now realize that the relationship between technological development and progress is not a simple one. To bring science closer to society, science must be made a public endeavor. The public has to be kept aware – and be capable of scrutinizing and debating – new scientific and technological pathways. We need to promote scientific awareness and culture, and find ways to better engage with the public in science-related policymaking. This is at the heart of the European Commission's position on the governance of the European Research Area, which recommends broad civil society participation in all stages of the policymaking process. The EU has taken massive strides towards a more inclusive scientific culture since it launched its Science and Society Action Plan in 2001. To underline this new thinking, the relevant activities in the Seventh Framework Programme have been labeled 'Science in Society'. As a result of the 2007 and 2008 European calls for proposals in the 'Science in Society' research programme, the European Union has invested € 52 million and funded 65 projects.” To have more details about the funded projects in the framework of “Science in Society” field, please click the following link.

Science in Society Project Synopses 2007- 2008