Projects / Past Projects

  • Vardiya at the Pavilion of Turkey

    Curated by Kerem Piker and coordinated by Istanbul Foundation for Culture and Arts (İKSV), the Pavilion of Turkey will present Vardiya at the 16th International Architecture Exhibition of La Biennale di Venezia, taking place ...

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    Vardiya at the Pavilion of Turkey
  • North Aegean Narratives

    Kültürlerarası bir proje olarak tasarlanan “Kuzey Ege Hikayeleri” projesi, Türkiye ve Yunanistan arasında karşılıklı anlayışın beslenmesi, karşılıklı önyargılara ve yanlış anlaşmalara sebep veren kültürel bariyerlerin aşılması ve çok kültü...

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    North Aegean Narratives
  • CORNERS Caucasus Project Started

    Intercult organises the CORNERS Caucasus Xpedition 27 September to 13 October 2011. 30 artists, researchers and cultural producers, from 9 European countries, travel by bus from Hopa (Turkey), through Georgia and Azerbaijan, to meet people...

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    CORNERS Caucasus Project Started
  • SOM participates in artists meeting in Umeå

    On 24-27 February 2011, the Swedish Art and Culture organization, Intercult, gathers artists and international project “Corners” partners and for a meeting in Umeå. Umeå will be the European Capital of Culture 2014. The programme for Umeå ...

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    SOM participates in artists meeting in Umeå
  • Ex-Post Evaluation of Istanbul 2010

    The general evaluation report, prepared by ECORYS, considers the European Capital of Culture Action in the year 2010 including the cultural programmes of the three cities designated as European Capital of Culture (ECoC) for that year: Ess...

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    Ex-Post Evaluation of Istanbul 2010
  • SEAS X Turkey Project

    An expedition of over 30 people. SEAS artists and a small technical and management team from all over Europe, traveled by road from Istanbul to Batumi. Along the way shorter stops were planned to spontaneously interchange with local people...

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    SEAS X Turkey Project
  • "Mustesna" Istanbul I Guidebook

    A living guide for Istanbul... This book can be your passport to all the most relevant and up-to-date advice on what to see and what hidden discoveries await you: exclusive shops, small cafés, bookstores and so on. The book is only for Tur...

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    "Mustesna" Istanbul I Guidebook
  • 40 Stations London

    40 Stations is a unique photographic project by Turkish photographer Muammer Yanmaz and the project coordinator Selen Akcali. The project focuses on immigration and the changing nature of international borders. Yanmaz followed his previous ...

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    40 Stations London
  • 40 Stations Paris

    The idea of the 40 Stations photography project was first created by photographer Muammer Yanmaz in December 2001. The project came to life when Selen Akçalı agreed to manage and coordinate the project in Paris. Yanmaz photographed forty Tu...

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    40 Stations Paris
  • 40 Stations New York

    Photographer Muammer Yanmaz and project director Selen Akçalı submitted a grant request to the Moon and Stars Project for the 40 Stations New York project. Just like the Paris project, the 40 Stations New York project aimed to photograph 40...

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    40 Stations New York
  • 6th Balkan Dance Platform

    The 6th edition of the Balkan Dance Platform 2011 (BDP 2011) will take place 20-24 April 2011 in partnership with the international Exodos Festival for contemporary stage arts in Ljubljana, Slovenia. SOM is one of the Turkish partners of Ba...

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    6th Balkan Dance Platform