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Border to Island: Hopa to London

Hopa is a town situated in Artvin, in the East Black Sea Region of Turkey and this town is the far north-east point of the country. After the fall of the Soviet Union, extraordinary disruptions started to appear in the region: change of longstanding economic balances, crisis in social life and significant problems relating to the social participation of women. As a consequence of these problems, citizens of the region – in particular young people – have missed out on certain educational and productive activities. For all that, xenophobia, violence and the use of drugs have risked increasing in the region. The existence of a grassroots NGO which is aware of the region’s needs and constraints is crucial in such a case. Biryaşam Kültür ve Ekoloji Derneği (Biryaşam Culture and Ecology Association) is the only association organizing culture and art events in Hopa. SOM cooperates with Biryasam and tries to bridge them to international art and culture organizations and to develop artists and cultural projects together. People and mostly young people, who are bored from the inertia in the region, participate actively in the activities of Biryaşam. Biryaşam’s prior target groups are youth, women and children and then ethnic and vulnerable groups. Despite all impossibilities and lack of sources, the increasing interest of youth in art and culture encourages Biryaşam to realize new projects to support youth’s education in art and culture.

SOM and Biryaşam aims to realize an international art-in-residency programme in Hopa in collaboration with SPACE Studios from London. Denizhan Özer from Koridoor Contemporary Art Programme is the artistic coordinator of the project. SOM is in charge of all managerial and coordination issues of the project.