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Awareness Raising for Freedom to Publish on the way to EU Accession

The project entitled “Awareness Raising for Freedom to Publish on the way to EU Accession” has been approved to be financed by the European Union and the Government of Turkey under the program “Civil Society Dialogue Between EU And Turkey –III Political Criteria Grant Scheme (CSD-III/PC)”. The project is designed by Turkish Publishers Association (TPA) with cooperation of the Swedish Publishers’ Association (SPA) and associate partners. Selen Akçalı from SOM engages in the administrative management of the project.

Description of the Project:

Designed by Turkish Publishers Association (TPA) with cooperation of its partner Swedish Publishers Association (SPA) and associates International Publishers Association (IPA), IPS Communication Foundation, Edebiyat Haber Literary Magazine and TÜYAP Exhibition Group, overall objective of the project is to contribute to one of TPA’s long-term strategy of struggle, to develop freedom of expression in publishing field in Turkey.

Aims of the Project:

Overall Objectives:

  • To develop and ensure freedom of expression in publishing field in Turkey,
  • To create an advocacy process between the publishing sector and the state authorities,
  • To establish long-term cooperation, sustainable partnerships and promote dialogue with the collaboration of the project applicant and the co-applicant as well as the associates and other stakeholders within the context of freedom to publish.

Specific Objectives:

  • To raise awareness among publishing stakeholders and general public on the EU policies related to the freedom to publish and their implications on the legislation procedures as well the implementations in Turkey by advisory visits, workshops, regional meetings, panels and a thematic report,
  • To contribute to the accession process through establishing long-term and sustainable partnerships by experience sharing and information exchange between CSOs in Member States and Turkey working on this field. This will be ensured thanks to the collaboration with SPA,
  • To report all the content accumulated during the project and publish as a booklet titled “Freedom to Publish in Turkey on the Way to EU accession”.


  • Advisory Visits:
    • Visits to Ankara and Brussels in order to review and discuss the current situation of Turkey on the freedom to publish priorities and steps to be taken in the process of EU accession
  • Awareness Raising Actions:
    • “Freedom to Publish” Awareness Raising and Information Workshop in Ankara: Workshops on the EU policies on the freedom to publish, its implications on the legislation and the process of harmonization with the EU acquis besides the situation of freedom to publish in Turkey.
    • Stockholm Visit: A visit to the project partner, SPA, in order to strengthen relations between two NGOs and experience sharing
    • Regional Meetings in Istanbul, Bursa, Izmir, Adana, Diyarbakır, Antalya, Ankara, Trabzon, Van: Meetings with the aim to inform the attendants about EU policies on freedom to publish and their implications on legislation and implementations in Turkey and to gather information from the attendants about local problems they face that restrict their freedom to publish.
    • “Freedom to Publish” Panels in the Book Fairs: in Adana, Bursa, Izmir, Istanbul, Samsun aiming to inform general public about the situation of Turkey on the freedom to publish through significant examples and cases in comparison with the EU countries and on the steps to be taken in the EU harmonization process.
  • Closing Conference in Ankara: Dissemination of the project results to a wider audience, presentation of an action plan and the highlights of the report
  • “Freedom to Publish in Turkey on the Way to EU Accession” Report
  • Press Conferences, Web Site

About the Programme:

The main aim of this grant programme is to give opportunity to the Civil Society Organizations (CSOs) in Turkey to get familiar with the policies of the European Union concerning political issues both in terms of legislation and implementation and to be prepared for accession through strengthening the contacts and mutual exchange of experience between all civil society actors on political issues in the Member States and Turkey.

Through this programme, institutional capacities of CSOs whose role is important for development and implementation of political reforms will be improved. Civil Society Organizations have an important role in terms of minimizing the differences between national and European legislation and implementation practices. In this sense, through this grant programme on political criteria will help bring political criteria issues in Turkey in line with the European standards both in terms of legislation and implementation. The priority areas of this grant programme are:

  • Human rights,
  • Anti-discrimination,
  • Democracy and Rule of Law.

Under the programme, 55 projects in total (39 political criteria projects, 16 media projects) are funded. The projects include 142 partners from 17 countries, with a total budget of 7 million €.

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Project Leader:

Turkish Publishers Association

Project Partner:

Swedish Publishers Associations

Associate Partners:

International Publishers Association

IPS Communication Foundation (Bianet)

Edebiyat Haber (Literary Magazine)