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120 subway stations at three favorite metropolises of the world; Paris, New York and London, and 120 faces from Turkey… 120 people who are prominent in arts, science and business worlds of Paris, New York and London; combined with the continuity in space provided by the choice of subway stations travel together in the book “40 Stations” all presented with the visual expression of Muammer Yanmaz. The preface is written by Merih Akoğul. The book also has the mission to convey respect to the 120 valued people of which some are no longer with us. In short the book consists of portraits of Turkish people who all created and performed in completely different areas of life; to mention some: Komet, Güzin Dino, Nilüfer Göle, Talip Özkan, Burhan Doğançay, Gürer Aykal, Şirin Devrim, Arif Mardin, Mehmet Öz, Hüseyin Çağlayan, Emre Aracı.

Project coordinator: Selen Akçalı

“Young and old, all of the 120 people photographed so far carry traces of Turkish history and the 20th century they were born into. As well as the American schools in Turkey since the late Ottoman period, these traces include the first state-funded students, namely the “Turkish Prometheuses,” who were sent to the West, followed by the “Child Wonders” initiative, focusing on talented students in fine arts and enabling them to study abroad. Whether it’s a search for a new life, a free space, or a breath of fresh air from a different place for the people who chose to live abroad, in short, all of the 120 people photographed enriched the cities in which they live with their struggles, their creativity, their art, their ideas, and their diversity.” (From the introduction of the book)

You can find the book in prominent bookstores or you can buy online.