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H. Esra Çizmeci, Ph.D.

Esra Çizmeci In 1981, Esra Çizmeci was born in İzmir. After receiving her BA degree at İstanbul University State Conservatory, Esra moved to New York to complete her MFA in Acting at the City University of New York. In 2007, with the support of a departmental scholarship and Buchwald fellowship Esra completed her second Master’s degree in Theatre History and Criticism. While he was a student at CUNY, Esra worked at a variety of New York Public Schools teaching students how to communicate their needs and desires by using Theatre of the Oppressed techniques. In 2010, Esra with the support of the Sacred Heart Scholarship moved to London to start her Ph.D. at Roehampton University. In 2012, after completing a six month field research in İstanbul, Esra published a chapter, Performing Sufism in Private and Public in Performing Religion in Public by Palgrave. Until Esra completed her Ph. D. Studies in 2015, she worked at several Turkish universities as a lecturer. Upon Ph.D., Esra continued to research Sufi way if living and Sufi rituals and published an article in Intellect’s Dance, Movement and Spiritualities academic journal. In December 2018, Esra’s recent work on Sufi ritual and performance will be in Performance Research, the academic journal of Routledge. Esra continues to work as the head of the Performing Arts department at Çanakkale 18 Mart University and hopes to publish a new book project on the foundations of the field of Performance Studies.